Big Wild Bi-Weekly June 7, 2011

Dear Wildland Enthusiasts,

Finally the weather is warming up! It is going to be a busy and exciting summer and we look forward to getting out into Wild Clearwater Country with you. In this issue you will receive information about the upcoming Lochsa Research Natural Area field trip, a must-see video opposing the mega-loads, recent action taken against the Nez Perce National Forest, an opportunity to volunteer for the Dworshak Reservoir Nutrient Enhancement Project, and the latest on Rocky Mountain grey wolf management.

Please consider joining us this weekend June 11-12 for an exciting trip into the Lochsa Research Natural Area (RNA). In conjunction with the White Pine Chapter-Idaho Native Plant Society, we will explore this unique coastal disjunct rainforest and learn more about the RNA system in the Northern Rockies. For trip details click:

Paul Edwards has just released a 7-minute video on what we stand to lose if a permanent industrial corridor is established for mega-loads in the Northern Rockies. Watch it

On June 18th there will be a fundraiser for Idaho Rivers United and Advocates for the West. People will be meeting at the Syringa Cafe/River Dance Lodge in Lowell at 5pm on Saturday for appetizers and drinks. A white-water trip on the Lochsa River will follow Sunday. Learn more:

If you would like to view the post-hearing briefs submitted by Advocates for the West following the contested case hearing click here…. We expect a decision from Judge Duff Mckee sometime this month. A decision involving the preliminary injunction being sought in Montana is expected later this summer.

In mid-May the Moscow City Council abruptly and unanimously passed a resolution inviting and encouraging Exxon/Imperial Oil to come through Moscow as they travel along US 95. A permit has not yet been granted by the Idaho Transportation Department for the sixty-plus mega-loads being reduced in height at the Port of Lewiston. Despite the resolution, the Sustainable Environment Commission and City of Moscow will be a hosting a public hearing on Wednesday June 15th 7-9pm at the City Council chambers to receive further input from citizens about the US 95 proposal. The commission intends on taking a position and making a recommendation to the Moscow City Council at a later date.

Last week we filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue the Nez Perce National Forest for their failure to uphold the Clean Water Act. For years the agency has been in violation of their discharge permits and continues to dump pollutants into the Selway and Red Rivers. The Forest Service has 60 days to respond before further legal action is taken.

The Idaho Fish & Game Department is looking for volunteers to help out with the Dworshak Nutrient Enhancement Project. Participants will spend the day traveling in a boat with agency technicians and collecting water samples on the reservoir. All food and gear will be provided. The agency is attempting to grow larger Kokanee by adding ammonium nitrate to the water. Some people feel that the project has led to an increase in algae blooms, which can cause skin rashes after swimming and can threaten water quality. Please contact our office if you want to volunteer.

The Idaho Fish & Game Commission intends to set wolf hunting dates, bag limits and quotas this July.
U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy will soon begin hearing arguments on the federal lawsuit filed by Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Wild Earth Guardians and Friends of the Clearwater. Learn more:

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