Big Wild Bi-Weekly March 16, 2012

Dear Wildlanders,

In this issue you will receive information about two important public comment opportunities, a disappointing ruling from the US Ninth Circuit, the latest development concerning future megaloads traveling US12, recent arrests made in Moscow over megaload shipments, and an invitation to an upcoming community event.

The Idaho Panhandle National Forest just released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the new Forest Plan. The below link will explain the inadequacies of the proposal, along with talking points you may wish to include in your comments. Places like Mallard-Larkins, Grandmother Mountain, and the Little North Fork Clearwater River need your help. Comments are due April 3.

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) is accepting citizen comments on their draft Environmental Assessment (EA) to expand the dock and other facilities at the Port of Lewiston. This proposed expansion would enable the port to receive larger freight on a regular basis, like megaloads. An expansion would involve river-bottom dredging, which could also have negative effects on imperiled fish species. Tell ACE that you are opposed to port expansion and that an EA in inadequate. A comprehensive environmental impact statement is needed. Comments are due March 30.

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that the budget rider responsible for delisting northern rocky grey wolves from the endangered species list was legal and wolves should remain under state management. This decision has greater implications than the future of wolves. Essentially it green lights the ability of Congress to override decisions in the judicial branch, and is a direct attack on the separation of powers clause in our constitution. We are working with our lawyers and the Alliance for Wild Rockies and Wild Earth Guardians to explore our options.

There is a region-wide wolf rally in Boise on Wednesday March 21 5pm, MST. With over 500 wolves slaughtered in the Northern Rockies since federal delisting, the public is converging outside of the scheduled Idaho Fish & Game Commissioner’s meeting, which starts at 7pm. The meeting is open to the public and will take place in the Trophy Room of department headquarters, 600 South Walnut Boise. Call (208) 882-9755 for carpooling.

Federal Judge Lynn Winmill has ruled that Idaho Rivers United can continue to pursue their court case against the Forest Service and the Federal Highway Administration for allowing the state of Idaho to permit use of Highway 12 for road-blocking over-sized equipment. Both agencies attempted to get the case dismissed on the grounds they did not have jurisdiction over the matter. The case will now move forward. Advocates for the West are representing the plaintiffs. Use the below link to learn more:

During the second-to-last shipment of Exxon/Imperial Oil megaloads from the Port of Lewiston through the town of Moscow, two activists were arrested for peacefully sitting in the road to block the shipments. Originally four people sat in the road, but after being dragged off by police, two re-entered the highway and were then cuffed. Learn more about these courageous climate heroes:

Circle your calendars on Monday March 26th for a presentation on the Future of Clearwater Wildlands. Al Espinosa and Harry Jagerman will deliver a colorful slide show and lively discussion detailing the imminent threats facing roadless areas like Weitas Creek, Pot Mountain, and Meadow Creek/Upper North Fork. Event is free.


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