Membership & Development Director Job Outline Announcement

Wild Clearwater Country, FOC File Photo

Organization: Friends of the Clearwater (FOC), a regionally recognized and respected not-for-profit public land advocacy group since 1987, is the only organization specifically focusing on public land issues in north-central Idaho.

Location: Friends of the Clearwater is located at 116 E. Third Street in downtown Moscow, Idaho.

Introduction: Through a generous bequest, Friends of the Clearwater has the opportunity to raise our profile and become more effective. The Board of Directors decided that hiring a membership and development director was the best way to protect the incomparable wildlands and wildlife in the Clearwater Basin and for long-term effectiveness of the organization. Since funding is available for only one year, the new membership and development director must learn to be successful in raising funds in that time period for the job to continue.


Position Summary:

1. Seek new members and grassroots supporters.

2. Seek and engage foundations and other donors for support and protection of Idaho’s wildlands.

3. Maintain consistent, frequent, and open communication with members, donors and foundations.

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Identify foundations that may potentially fund FOC. This would entail researching and then contacting existing directors and other staff for points of contact.

2. Assist with writing grants and reports to existing and potential foundations.

3. Interface with existing and potential new members and grassroots supporters, especially in a fundraising capacity.

4. Work with FOC staff and board to raise and strengthen the financial capacity of organization.

5. Maintain FOC membership database.

6. Assist with other administrative duties, as necessary (mailings, phones, and other office duties).

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Bachelor Science/Bachelor Arts.

2. Non-profit grant writing and fundraising experience.

3. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

4. Excellent organizational skills.

5. Experience with Mac computers, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Indesign and Adobe software.

6. Ability to work as a part of a small, hard working, and determined team.

7. Love of wild Clearwater country. The successful applicant must have or show a willingness to become attached to this remarkable landscape.


1. Salaried position with part-time/full-time potential (DOE).

2. Employer controlled medical account.

3. Travel compensation.

4. Work in a creative, respectful and thoughtful environment.

5. Field work in wild Clearwater country.

If you are interested in speaking with a staff member about the position, please call (208) 882-9755. Submit a resume and references at Thank you for your interest!



















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