Lick Point Roadless Area

Pilot Knob, Lick Point, O'Hara - Falls Creek, and Clear Creek Click to enlarge and zoom on the map.

Lick Point Roadless Area is 7,000 acres and separated from O’Hara – Falls Creek Roadless Area by only one road, and situated west of the expansive Meadow Creek Roadless Area. The entire area sits at a relatively high elevation between 5,000 – 6,000 feet, and contains the crucial headwaters of the American River in the far southeast corner, as well as Lick Creek. Meadows spread along the creek bottoms; the remaining land is rolling hills of similar topography. They cover mostly brush fields punctuated with shady alder glades and stands of old-growth lodgepole pine. Payson’s milkvetch and Evergreen kittentail, both rare and sensitive, can be found among the meadows and canopy. The American River is an integral habitat for anadromous fish, the transparent waters creating a haven for steelhead trout, Chinook summer salmon, rainbow, cutthroat, and whitefish. The region is rich for moose forage, elk summer range, and wolf habitat. Unfortunately cattle have left noticeable impacts on the landscape, on the trails and at streambeds.

In conjunction with neighboring O’Hara – Falls Creek and Meadow Creek Roadless Areas, the region contains crucial anadromous fish habitat in the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests, and needs further protection to alleviate current pressures and intrusions on this important ecosystem.

Descriptions of other Roadless Areas on the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests.

Clear Creek

Cove – Mallard

Dixie Summit – Nut Hill

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Fish – Hungery Creek (North Lochsa Slope)

Gospel – Hump Additions

Grandmother Mountain

John Day

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Lick Point

Little Slate Creek

Little Slate Creek North

Lochsa Slope/Selway – Bitterroot Addition

Mallard – Larkins

Meadow Creek/Selway – Bitterroot Addition

Moose Mountain

North Fork Slate Creek

North Fork Spruce/Selway – Bitterroot Addition

O’Hara – Falls Creek

Pilot Knob (Silver Creek)

Pinchot Butte

Pot Mountain

Rackliff-Gedney/Selway – Bitterroot Addition

Selway – Bitterroot Additions

Siwash Creek

Sneakfoot Meadows/Selway – Bitterroot Addition

Upper North Fork

Weir Creek (Weir – Post Office)

Weitas Creek


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