September 2013 Dime In Time Recipient

“Dime in Time is a community program of the Moscow Food Co-op. Customers are given a 10-cent refund every time they bring in a reuse a tote bag or drink cup. Cashiers will ask these customers if they would like to keep their refund or donate it to the Dime in Time recipient of the month. A committee made up Co-op staff, community members and Co-op participating members chooses the recipients. Award recipients will, in turn, write an article for the Co-op Community News for the month they are chosen, telling about the organization and their plans for how they will use the funds.”
Friends of the Clearwater is thrilled to be nominated for the Dime In Time program in September, 2013 and we greatly appreciate the opportunity presented. All proceeds from the program will go towards designing and purchasing a self-standing pop up banner for our education and outreach programming.
See you at the Co-Op!

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