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Board of Directors

Antone Holmquist Photo

Harry Jageman
Harry is a retired wildlife biologist who worked for the US Forest Service for over thirty years. He grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania and completed his undergraduate degree in forest science from Penn State University. He served in the US Air Force in Anchorage, Alaska and lived there prior to moving to work for the Forest Service. Harry completed his master’s degree in wildlife management at the University of Idaho. Since retirement he has completed his PhD in wildlife resources, studying the influence of forest management on Northern Pygmy-owls. Married with three grown children, Harry is concerned over the legacy we are leaving for future generations and believes working with FOC is one of the best ways to protect our national heritage.

Al Espinosa
Al is a retired fisheries biologist from the Clearwater National Forest. He was a private consultant (Espinosa Consulting) for eighteen years following his career with the Forest Service. He specializes in fishery-forest interactions, fish habitat and restoration, endangered species management, and biological assessments. Despite retirement, he will fight anyone or anything that threatens the wonderful resources of the Clearwater and Salmon River Basins.

Julian Matthews
Julian lived on the Coeur d’ Alene Indian Reservation and the Nez Perce Reservation when younger with his Aunt. As an enrolled Nez Perce he has been actively involved in environmental issues for the last 20 years primarily in response to threats made on or near the Treaty of 1855 and usual and accustomed areas. These areas are guaranteed to the Nimiipuu with the signing of the 1855 Treaty and in many instances, the federal, state or local governments or private interests interpret these rights quite differently than do the Nez Perce people. Julian is committed to ensuring that the Treaty Rights to hunt, fish and gather are kept and protected for those who come after us as the Treaty of 1855 signers protected these rights for us to this day. His main goal is to ensure that Tribal youth and adults are educated and have good knowledge of issues affecting our people and also making sure that we (the Nimiipuu) take an active role in protecting our Treaty rights. He has completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Gonzaga University and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Idaho. He also  serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment, a tribal non-profit.

Steve Paulson
Founder of FOC, Steve is a fourth-generation Idahoan and a life-long subsistence farmer, hunter, and fisherman. He is a registered nurse, has served as a US Marine, and is a former smokejumper with the Forest Service. Steve initiated the Cove – Mallard Campaign, the Gray Wolf Committee, and the Clearwater Forest Watch, and has written several Endangered Species Act petitions, many timber sale appeals, and plenty of comments on public land management activities. He has also been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience while protesting on Forest Service land. In his free time, Steve sails his 28-foot Cape Dory sloop, presently berthed at Lago Isabel. He has sailed from Maine to Guatemala and from New York to Europe with his wife and friend Susan Nelson.   

Tanya Gale
Tanya is an Idaho native. She fell in love with Idaho’s wild places over many years of getting lost in forests, falling in creeks, and eating too many wild strawberries. Activist, mother, artist, and entrepreneur, she hopes her small contributions can help turn the tide against mindless resource extraction and disastrous climate change.

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