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Leave a Bequest

An old yew tree, Chuck Pezeshki Photo

Ancient tree stands transcend our lifetimes. Just as mixed age forests ensure young trees may become old one day, your legacy gift safeguards this ecological process. Consider leaving a bequest to Friends of the Clearwater. 

Leaving a bequest is simple. Consider adding the following language as a provision in your will or estate to:

  • Give the sum of $______ to Friends of the Clearwater.
  • Give the remainder of my estate to Friends of the Clearwater.
  • Give ______% of my residual estate to Friends of the Clearwater.
  • Give ______ (describe the asset) to Friends of the Clearwater as an in-kind gift of the asset itself or in the form of cash after the asset has been sold by the trustee of my trust.

We advise you to speak with your financial or legal advisor. 

For more information, email us at foc@friendsoftheclearwater.org or call 208-882-9755. Thank you!