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Host a House Party

House party in Boise, Idaho, FOC Photo

One of the most effective ways to foster new supporters is by members hosting house parties.

All you need to do is:

♦ Choose an event date that works for you and Friends of the Clearwater.

♦ Create a list of invitees that includes your friends and neighbors.

♦ Give a short pitch as to why your friends should join Friends of the Clearwater.

Friends of the Clearwater will:

♦ Send out an invitation to your guest list and keep track of the RSVPs.

♦ Staff, or a guest speaker, will give a short update on Friends of the Clearwater and the current issues.

Here’s a great example. One of our long-time members Ron Marquart hosted twenty friends in his home. He created a slideshow of his most recent trek into the Meadow Creek Roadless Area on the Nez Perce National Forest. He accompanied his high-quality photos with a wonderful, entertaining talk about survival skills in the backcountry.

If you’d like to open your home to Friends of the Clearwater email us at foc@friendsoftheclearwater.org or call the office at 208-882-9755.

Red-tailed hawk nest, Ron Marquart Photo Credit