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2021 Annual Meeting

Thank you everyone who attended our online annual meeting on November 12th. If you couldn’t make it, here are some key takeaways:


  • Organization of the Year: Flathead Lolo Bitterroot Citizens Task Force based in Missoula.

This year was a bit different in that the organization we are honoring does work adjacent to the wild Clearwater and FOC cooperates with this group on issues. Science has proven the importance of connected habitat.

FLBCTF won a big lawsuit on key connective habitat in the 9 mile drainage in the Soldier Butler, likely the way grizzlies have been coming into the Clearwater. The organization produced a report on grizzly denning across No Idaho and Western Montana including the Clearwater.

  • Activist of the Year: Michelle Dietrich, 

Michelle has been fighting an uphill battle in the Bitterroot valley for intact forests, grizzly repopulation, and agency accountability. A recently retired schoolteacher, her recent forays into environmental activism have been a real benefit to the Bitterroot valley.

  • Plank Award: Al Espinosa

Al has been fighting for the Wild Clearwater since his days as a field biologist 40 years ago. Al is a longtime board member, and someone who has done more than his fair share to protect this remarkable place.

Online Auction

The silent auction we normally have is online this year. It lasts until November 30th, so please check it out! If you aren’t in the Palouse or adjacent regions, add a few dollars to your bid and we will mail it your way.