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Field Monitoring

FOC Photo

If you are interested in doing field monitoring volunteer work with us this summer/fall please contact us at foc@friendsoftheclearwater.org

Collecting data in the field can help build a strong administrative record and assist in our effort to stop or minimize public lands degradation. Thorough field documentation may prove useful when we submit public comments for a proposed action on the national forests or if we are forced to pursue litigation. We need your help to effectively monitor one of the last and largest intact ecosystems left in the Lower 48!

FOC monitoring opportunities can include visiting areas to document the following: Proposed timber sale units; post-timber sale units; off-road vehicle abuse; wilderness character; suction dredge mining; and post-wildfire habitats.

FOC monitoring reports and fact sheets:

♦ FOC recently worked with Klamath Forest Alliance and Friends of the Bitterroot to compile a fact sheet of firelines built onto our national forests region-wide and accompanying picture documentation of their damage. With the support of various other organizations, we submitted this fact sheet as a public comment in response to a House Oversight wildfire hearing.

Congressional oversight needed for wasteful fireline construction FIRELINE pictures

Download above (left) fireline factsheet and above (right) accompanying pictures

Other recent reports

♦ September 8-9, 2021, FOC staff traveled out to the Forest Service’s proposed Dead Laundry timber sale. Here is what we found.


You can monitor the Forest Service management of your favorite areas independently of working with us. Below are some monitoring tips:

♦ Visit your favorite area in the Clearwater.

♦ Photo document your trip.

♦ Share your monitoring photos with us.

♦ Submit a public comment that includes your photos, personal experiences, and any corrective action the agency needs to take.

♦ If you are a current FOC member, you may have a chance to speak on behalf of wild places as a standing declarant in the courts.

♦ Always make plans to go back to your favorite place.


Consider building a field monitoring component into your next Clearwater visit! If you need ideas, contact us at foc@friendsoftheclearwater.org.