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In the Courts

Oregon State Photo

♦ Court blocks Trumps plan to weaken protections for sage grouse – October 2019.

♦ Lawsuit can proceed against suction dredge miner – October 2019.

♦ Court rules plaintiffs have standing in challenge of government wolf killing program in Idaho – April 2019.

♦ Court rejects government effort to build road through Izembek National Wildlife Refuge – March 2019.

♦ Groups file lawsuit to protect roadless wildlands from logging – March 2019.

♦ Lawsuit filed to protect old growth and wildlife habitat – October 2018.

♦ Court rules EPA must protect salmon from lethal water temperatures – October 2018.

♦ Judge overturns Fish & Wildlife Service effort to strip grizzly bears of protection – September 2018.

♦ Judge rules Wildlife Services using inadequate science to justify killing predators in Idaho – June 2018.