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Internship Experiences

Noah Hoff, FOC File Photo

Noah Hoff

Washington State University

Major/Minor: BA in Sociology, Minor in Communications

My internship experience has been very exciting and action packed. Not only have I gained a ton of experience in event organization and planning, but I have also received quite a bit of hands-on experience with computer programs like Indesign and Photoshop. I was also able to help out with the weekly radio show a few times and gain some broadcasting knowledge! Brett, Gary, and the members of Friends of the Clearwater are some of the nicest people I have ever met and have all made my experience unforgettable. I highly recommend interning with this outstanding organization and supporting its remarkable cause.

Ava Isaacson, FOC File Photo

Ava Isaacson

University of Idaho

Major: Environmental Science

My experience as an intern at Friends of the Clearwater was exceptional and something that I would recommend to others. Volunteering is a rewarding experience for me and I am a passionate environmentalist. Two loves of mine came together in a perfect cohesion at FOC, where I was able to have an impact in my community and watershed. Working on policy with Gary was informative, leading me out to the South Fork of the Clearwater, a beautiful, unique experience. I would love to continue to pursue more on-the-ground environmental work in a preservation capacity. Volunteering with Brett was exciting and enriching, as education is my comfort zone.

While interning with FOC, I had the privilege of working behind the scenes of the Free the Snake Flotilla, a wonderful dam removal demonstration in October 2015. Event organization is a skill of mine and being able to expand on this pre-existing skill set was a remarkable experience.

I enjoyed working with Brett and Gary at the Friends of the Clearwater, and I wish that graduate school had not gotten so busy, so that I may have been able to continue a more in depth time with these two important environmental leaders. Interning with this group helped refine my views on environmental preservation and see what it truly takes to have active preservation and conservation in our wild places.

Clare Eigenbrode, FOC File Photo

Clare Eigenbrode

Beloit College

Major: Environmental Justice and Citizenship; minors: Spanish and Journalism

Since I’m endemic to Moscow, Friends of the Clearwater and their work in the area was always in my periphery while I was growing up here. From May to July in 2017, my internship with FOC gave me the best possible glimpse into just what the organization does for the wilderness and communities of the Clearwater region.

Over the course of just a few months at FOC, I learned a great deal about the brass tacks of outreach, fundraising, and data collection as well as my rights and duties as a public land owner, and I felt like I was finally doing my part for the wilderness that’s so much a part of my identity as an Idahoan. I also loved how quickly I was welcomed into the FOC family by Ashley, Brett, Gary and all the organization’s members.

I would definitely recommend this experience to any of my peers who want to see what life is like at a great nonprofit, and who want to help preserve our region’s public lands!