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The Clearwater Country Report is our monthly email providing regional wildland news and updates, important action alerts, public meeting opportunities, and local event announcements. Read past issues.

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The Defender, Our Quarterly Newsletter

The Defender is our quarterly newsletter with staff analysis on public lands policy and agency decisions affecting forests, waterways and native species in the Clearwater Basin of north central Idaho and the northern Rockies bioregion. Learn about recent court rulings, legislative proposals, book reviews, guest opinions, and local community events. Become a member today and receive your copy!

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Our news releases are intended to provide statements concerning public lands policy, agency decisions, court rulings, community events and important opportunities for public involvement. Learn more about the issues we work on and the positions we take. Click here.





Write a letter to the editor
An effective way to educate the public, influence decision-makers and share your ideas with community members is through writing a simple letter to the editor. Letters vary in length, according to the publication, but just about all newspapers have an Opinion section where letters get posted on a daily or weekly basis. Click here for a sample letter.




Wild Clearwater Country Radio airs every Wednesday 4 – 5pm pacific on KRFP Radio Free Moscow. Tune in for a lively discussion on important wildlands issues, including interviews with citizens and conservation leaders throughout the West. The opinions expressed on the show are not necessarily those of Friends of the Clearwater or KRFP Radio Free Moscow.






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