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♦ Report finds that the proposed Nez Perce-Clearwater forest plan could emit millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from logging, roadbuilding, and grazing, harming an already warming planet – July 18th, 2023 press release

♦ Court stops massive End of the World and Hungry Ridge logging projects, citing old-growth concerns. FOC was represented by Advocates for the West – June 2022 press release

♦ In win for bull trout, FOC wins lawsuit on motorized trails in UFSF Recommended Wilderness of Fish Lake in Great Burn Roadless Area – March 2022 press release

♦ FOC and allies, represented by EarthJustice, filed to sue the State of Idaho for it’s archaic and aggressive wolf laws to protect wolves, grizzlies, and lynx – December 2021 press release

♦ FOC releases Clearcut Kings report about supersized clearcuts in northern Idaho and Montana – August 2021 press release

FOC and Alliance for the Wild Rockies WIN their ESA claims to protect steelhead in Lolo watershed – August 2021 press release

Earthjustice represents FOC and others in a wolf and wilderness protection petition – June 2021 press release

♦ Advocates for the West represents FOC and sues to protect the Salmon-Clearwater Divide – April 2021 press release

♦ FOC sues to protect proposed wilderness from motorized intrusions – February 2021 press release, complaint

♦ FOC and Alliance for the Wild Rockies sue to protect steelhead and soils in Lolo watershed – July 2020

♦ Feds Agree to Decide on Endangered Species Protections for Wolverine by August 31 – July 2020

♦ FOC says goodbye to Brett Haverstick – May 2020.

♦ Group calls for prohibition of bear baiting on national forests – April 2020.

♦ Groups ask for less logging, more habitat protections in forest plan – April 2020.

♦  Notice of Intent to Sue filed to protect Snake River Steelhead – April 2020.

♦ Group asks for comment extension for forest plan due COVID-19 – March 2020.

♦ Lawsuit filed to protect wolverines under Endangered Species Act – March 2020.

♦ Legal settlement protects wolves and wildlife in Idaho – March 2020.

♦ Court affirms ruling to protect Wilderness from further helicopter intrusions – March 2020.

♦ Conservationists blast agency for releasing forest revision before Christmas – December 2019.

♦ Groups request Idaho Department Fish & Game to halt bear baiting in grizzly bear habitat – June 2019.

♦ Court reinstates plaintiffs challenge against USDA Wildlife Services – April 2019.

♦ Report Reveals Roadless Rules in Idaho and Montana Offer Little Protection – March 2019.

♦ Public Seeks Montana Trapping Ban for Imperiled Northern Rockies Fisher – January 2019. 

♦ Local organizations sue to protect wildlife habitat and watersheds – October 2018.