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Road, Administrative and Recreation Site Maintenance Project

Comment deadline is April 29.

Email comments to: comments-northern-nezperce@fs.fed.us

The subject line of your email must say Road, Administrative and Recreation Site Maintenance Project.

You can also mail your comment to:

Cheryl Probert, Forest Supervisor
Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests
903 3rd Street
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

Talking points to consider in your comment:

  • An Environmental Impact Statement should be prepared to properly analyze the potential cumulative impacts of this massive salvage logging project.
  • Logging in post-fire habitat is detrimental to soils, wildlife habitat and forest recovery.
  • Logging 200 ft. buffers on either side of a road (two tree lengths) is not necessary for “public safety”.
  • Logging in any roadless areas should be dropped from the project (the agency wants to log along side certain roads that buffer roadless areas like Meadow Creek, Rackliff-Gedney, Lochsa Face and others).