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Stop Suction Dredging on N. Fork Clearwater

N. Fork Clearwater Mining Claims

The North Fork District Ranger, Kathy Rodriguez, is trying to get the government to make the right decision concerning proposed mining claims on the North Fork Clearwater. She needs our support. The Forest Service will be attending a hearing on this proposal in the very near future and they want to hear from us. Because the Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture do not administer mining claims, the Forest Service has a hearing with the Interior Department, which does administer mining claims. Since the North Fork was withdrawn for power purposes, the 1955 Mining Claims Rights Restoration Act (MCRA) has requirements different than the outdated 1872 Mining Law. In essence, if the Forest Service can make the case that the North Fork Clearwater is too important for recreation and other activities, the Interior Department must not allow the claims to proceed.

The North Fork is important for recreation, bull trout habitat, and water quality. There is ample reason to deny the claims. If you camp or recreate along the North Fork Clearwater and feel that suction dredging would degrade your experience, and/or cause you not to return to that site, please send an email, letter, photo or short note to Kathy Rodriguez and a copy to Adam McClory, North Fork Recreation staff officer.

Kathy Rodriguez

North Fork District Ranger

12730 Highway 12

Orofino, ID  83544

Email: krodriguez@fs.fed.us


Adam McClory

North Fork District

12730 Highway 12

Orofino, ID  83544

Email: amcclory@fs.fed.us


Deadline for comments is Friday, November 30.