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Education & Outreach

The Education & Outreach Department strives to inform and inspire citizens to get involved in local and regional public land issues. This is accomplished through on-line communication, public speaking, organizing wildland events in the community, and spending time in the backcountry.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Because we are a grassroots, community driven organization, volunteers play an important role in helping us accomplish our goals. Opportunities include office administration, writing & editing, fundraising, community organizing, and outreach. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and make a difference!



We offer semester and yearlong internships for students looking to expand their skill set and gain experience in numerous areas. We offer internships in non-profit administration, media communications, event organizing, public lands policy, and law. Please contact us if you would like to intern and be part of our team!


Hikes & Seminars:

We try and get to places like Grandmother Mountain, Weitas Creek and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness as much as possible. Some journeys are day trips and others are overnight. If you like to have fun, and are interested in things like botany, geology, ecology and conservation biology, come explore Wild Clearwater Country with us!


Wildland Monitoring:

A key to protecting wild places is spending time in them and tracking how they are being managed. Not only is it fun, but also it can go a long way in ensuring that government agencies are following their own protocols, and that people are not abusing the land. If you are interested in off-road vehicle monitoring, wilderness character monitoring, and/or widland fire monitoring, please get in touch with us!