Wild Clearwater Country

Friends of the Clearwater is a grassroots advocacy group that works to protect the public wildlands, wildlife, and waters in the Clearwater Basin. We believe these important natural resources belong to all Americans, and that decision-making should be informed by the best-available science. We oppose efforts, even if well meaning, that seek to circumvent our democratic public decision-making processes. Such actions are not in the best interest of the public or our spectacular wildlands, wildlife, and watersheds.The Wild Clearwater Country is the traditional hunting and fishing grounds of the Nez Perce people. Today, it is also known as the northern half of The Big Wild, the largest remaining undeveloped wildlands complex in the lower 48 states. Please join us in trying to protect this special place!



Tell Chief Tidwell Forest Service no megaloads in the Clearwater/Lochsa River corridor.

Clearwater/Lochsa Rivers named top-ten endangered rivers in America.

Groups file NOI to protect native Lynx from illegal trapping.

Join us in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

Mountain bikes and wilderness don’t mix by Howie Wolke. Read it.

Write a letter and oppose the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange.

Let's create a better legacy and purchase the checkerboard lands, FOC File Photo

Read why we are litigating the Clearwater National Forest Travel Plan.

Coalition of groups file objection to Idaho Panhandle Forest Plan.

Groups file petition for protection of Fisher under the ESA. Learn more.

A must read: The Five Most Blatant
Myths about Freight Transportation
on the Lower Snake River.




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