Action Alerts

Submit a comment on the White Pine Timber Sale.

Submit a comment on the Smith Ridge Timber Sale by November 16.

Sign the citizen petition to save wild areas and rivers in the Clearwater Basin of North Central Idaho.

Read our action alert for the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Revision.

Support our Citizen Alternative  for the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Revision.

Read our guest opinion about Forest Revision and write a letter to the editor in support.

Oppose Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreation Enhancement Act – H.R. 3668.

Oppose efforts to open designated Wilderness to mountain bikes - H.R. 1349, S. 2877.

Support Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act – H.R. 2135, S. 936.

In The Courts

Lawsuit filed against Forest Service for failure to adhere to Forest Plan.

Court rules Environmental Protection Agency must protect salmon from lethal water temperatures.

Judge overturns federal government’s effort to strip grizzly bears of protection.

Judge rules Wildlife Services using inadequate science to justify killing native wildlife in Idaho.

Appeal filed in lawsuit challenging Wildlife Services wolf killing program in Idaho.

Appeals court affirms more spill is needed for imperiled wild salmon and steelhead.

In The News

Federal failures hurt Idaho – the closure of the steelhead season.

Groups file Notice of Intent to protect threatened steelhead populations from sport fishing.

FOC is participating in the 10th Annual Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse.

Why we need one connected grizzly bear population.

Using wildfires as an excuse to plunder forests.

Wild Clearwater Country, FOC Photo

Groups tell Congress to keep mountain bikes out of Wilderness.

Upper Lochsa Land Exchange is back from the dead.

Harvesting dead trees is bad for forests.

Roadless areas on Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests threatened with logging.

Stewart Brandborg worried conservation movement has lost its edge.

Delisting of Canada lynx is about politics not science.

Forest Service evaluating additions to National Wild & Scenic Rivers System.

Settlement agreement protects Wild & Scenic Selway and Middle Fork Clearwater from salvage logging.



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