Native Species

The forests of the Clearwater provide habitat for species like northern goshawk, fisher, wolverine, lynx, wolves, bull trout and herds of elk, deer and mountain goats, as well as clean water and air for human communities in the lower Clearwater and beyond. If we are to pass this natural heritage to future generations, we need to recognize that the highly erodible soils, critical fish and wildlife habitat and watershed integrity must take precedence.

In 2001, the World Wildlife Fund issued a study completed by Carroll et. al (2001) Carnivores as Focal Species For Conservation Planning in the Rocky Mountain Region, which suggested that the Clearwater Basin offers the best habitat for large carnivores anywhere in the lower 48, including the Canadian Rockies. There is a direct link between vast roadless landscapes and the habitat needs of large carnivores like grizzly bears and gray wolves. By working together to keep Clearwater Country big and wild, we can ensure that this heritage is passed on to the next generation.


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