White Pine

The Forest Service is continuing its assault on our National Forests. The agency plans to drastically increase logging levels. Not that long ago, the timber program on the Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests was more sustainable (though still too high to meet fish and water quality standards). Unfortunately, the past several months have seen a plethora of proposed logging. The White Pine Timber Sale is one of those projects.

This proposal is in an area that contains some of the last undeveloped land of any size on the Palouse Ranger District of the Clearwater National Forest. It is also near the popular Palouse Divide ski area. The Forest Service is proposing to log 2100 acres of land and build 4 miles of new permanent road as well as an unspecified number of so-called temporary roads. One of the cutting units proposed is along the White Pine Scenic Byway. The Palouse Ranger District has almost no old growth remaining, and this timber sale will further reduce the amount of older trees. Further, the proposal calls for logging in streamside “protected” buffers.

This is the only opportunity for public involvement. Please use our below form or email them to comments-northern-clearwater-palouse@fs.fed.us to provide project feedback. Put White Pine in the subject line.

You can mail them to:

Clearwater National Forest
Palouse Ranger District
Attn: District Ranger 1
700 Highway 6
Potlatch, ID 83855


White Pine


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