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Our Reports

Our Reports

Our staff works diligently to research and analyze various proposals and important issues on the public lands in the Clearwater Basin of North-Central Idaho. Sometimes this results in comments or reports that we have published and shared with federal land management agencies.

♦ FOC letter on climate-resilient forest rulemaking – 2023

Climate Impacts of Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest Plan (John Talberth/Center for Sustainable Economy) – 2023

♦ FOC letter on the federal mature and old-growth forest inventory process – 2022

♦ FOC letter on the federal 30×30 “Conservation Atlas” project – 2022

Old Growth Report – 2021

Clearcut Kings Report– 2021

♦ Forest Plan Revision DEIS Comments – 2020.

♦ Keeping Grizzlies Wild: Campground Attractant Survey – 2018-2019. Appendix 1. Appendix 2. Appendix 3.

♦ How damaging logging operations on federal public lands costs taxpayers nearly $2 billion per year. Federal-logging-report-May-2019 

The Roadless Report: Analyzing the Impacts of Two Roadless Rules on Forested Wildlands***updated 2020.

♦ An Analysis of the Clearwater Basin Collaborative Focusing on the Proposed Wilderness, Special Management Areas, and Wild & Scenic Rivers2014.

♦ Citizen Conservation Biology Alternative for the Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests Forest Plan Revision2012.

Top photo is FOC File Photo.